Thursday, February 25, 2010

You Know Your life Is Exciting Pt 2....

The most exciting thing to happen at work is a new coffee set up.
And its good coffe.

Our owner makes coffee that more closely resembles mud.

At least now its good tasting mud.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010


Today I:
Decided I really don't like white bread. {Mostly because of the way it sticks to my teeth.}

Stepped in giant puddle because I wasn't watching where I was walking. {I used to only look down when I walked but someone once told me I'd miss my entire life if I walked with my head down. So I guess I'll just need a pair of good rain boots then.}

Voted against putting my fruit in the fridge. {Room temperature is just more enjoyable.}

Read some James.
Read some Numbers.
Decided both have far too much relevance to my life to ignore them.{Dang it}

Realized that when you pray for God to test and and grow your patience He will. {Dang it!!}

Prayed for faith that looks like Elijahs.
{Maybe even kinda sorta looks like it, would do me some good}

Realized that meant more patience. {Dang it!!!}

Am thankful for my beautiful friends. {See photographic evidence below}
All the girls at RPM!

Wedding dress shopping!!

The New Years Crew!
Candice Bren and Me
Thanks boys!!
Happy Bday Kevin!!
The girls and Kev
Fab 4!!
In Tahoe with HS Group
Race Night!
In SF with Leah and Candice
Enjoying our yummy food!
Mel and Me and our awesome cake!
Leah and me @ Superbowl!