Wednesday, August 17, 2011

I really should be better at this......

I mean seriously, what is the point of having a blog for it to lay use to nothing. Not even senseless ramble.

I have committed to writing more before and didn't stay true to that, I think it was a mock new years resolution. I should have known better. I don't really believe in those things, nothing good comes of them. You "resolve" to go to the gym and work out more, so you do for a week. Then life settles in, and two months later you have completely forgotten about your resolution. Until you remember, maybe because some pesky person decided to see if you stayed true to it, and then guilt settles in. Guilt and shame never lead me to the gym, or to put down the ice cream, or turn off garbage TV, in fact it drives me to them like a complete lunatic. 

In conclusion, I don't support the current format for New Year's Resolutions. Maybe we should resolve to do the opposite of what we really want to do and then the guilt and shame will drive us to be better people.

This is brilliant. I am seriously on to something. Or on something. 

I'll call them "un-resolutions"

He would understand.
That just leads me to remember how much I love Alice in Wonderland. The original, not the Johnny Depp one (many Alice loyalists were undone by the JD one. I didn't find it quite that bad but I certainly prefer the original cartoon) I love that movie a whole stinkin lot.

"The time has come the walrus said to speak of many things. Of shoes and ships and ceiling wax of cabbages and kings. And why the sea is boiling hot or weather pigs have wings"

That quote can also be found in Harriet the Spy. One of Rosie's finest works in my opinion. 

Now I'm off to see if Netflix instant has Alice in Wonderland. Or Harriet the Spy. But really, I prefer Alice.

**POST PUBLICATION UPDATE.....Alice in Wonderland the original cartoon is NOT available on NetFlix Instant. I REPEAT IT IS NOT AVAILABLE ON NETFLIX INSTANT. NetFlix....get your act together and get back to me. You have failed me....again