Monday, May 02, 2011

Some of my stuff....

So these are a few of the items I've done in the past couple of months. I've been working more and more at knitting and crocheting and I've got a few pieces I'm working on that I think are super cute!! They're light weight head wraps which are perfect for warmer weather days.

I've also got a few more vintage-y items that I've put together I just haven't photographed them yet!

**Please excuse the not so perfect pictures...I am no professional photographer!!**

This is an endless braid headband. I can do it with multiple colors (up to 4) or just a solid one. I also have a thinner one just not pictured that is super cute and great for the summer as well.

I absolutely love how this headband came out!! It is nice a thick in the front and tapers to the back with a button closure.
I'm just about finished with a tinier version of this beanie for a soon to be born baby boy. The bigger one is for the older cousin :)
I made the next few items for Brett's surprise birthday party but I could easily make similar ones for a girl, wedding, bachelorette party you name it!

This is made from vintage type stamps...again endless possibilities! They're pretty small but a cute personal touch that you could add anywhere :)
The 'staches were also for Brett's party. I did a photobooth set up and these were quite the hit!

Round 2 coming soon :)

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