Friday, June 24, 2011

A Wakeboarding Adventure....

I awoke this past Monday morning with high hopes for a fabulous summer day. My dear friend Jorri and I had been planning an excursion to the cool lake on a day that would surely surpass 90 degrees. The morning came without flaw, the one meeting that would have held me back from going was cancelled, so I excitedly threw on a swim suit grabbed a towel and some sunscreen and hit the road. 

When I arrived the gang was in the middle of packing sandwiches and snacks, and I jumped right in. We packed up the cooler grabbed the boat key and away we went. I did have a photography meeting at 4:30 that afternoon so I cautiously took my own car, just to ensure I wouldn't be late.

I thought I was being quite responsible.

My anticipation for the cool waters grew as the thermometer read well over 80 at just 11:30 am. We arrived at the marina and began to lower the boat into the lake and the chatter soon turned to who would be first on the board and just how great the water felt. Jorri sat down to turn the boat on and something wasn't right.

"Uhm the key isn't turning over"

We were confused and thought she must not have it in all the way. Several tries, or many whichever, later we resolved to give Jorri's mom a call. A few tense minutes later Jorri returns only to inform us the key was from a boat they had sold 10 years ago.....and the real key was an underwear drawer.


Jorri's sister, Kat, volunteered to drive the key up from Vacaville. We moved the boat on the other side of the dock and Jorri and I headed up to my car to wait, figuring it wouldn't be too much longer.

So we waited. And waited. And waited a little longer before we decided to make another call.

Turns out it was another unfortunate event. While Kat was driving up to the lake her car broke down...on the freeway. When it rains it pours right? So Donna, the girls mom, left their house to pick up Kat and deliver the key.

If ever there were signs to not go out, those would have been it. But we were determined.

The boat started immediately and we allowed the breeze and spray from the boat to cool us down. George was the first out on the board, followed by one of George's friend. Meanwhile Jorri and I snacked, one of our favorite pastimes. I decided my energy and courage was up high enough that I would be the next lucky contestant. I zipped up the life jacket slid into the boots and hopped in the water. 

The boat took off and my first attempt got me no where, but the next time I was up and going. I'm pretty much a novice with just some general athleticism, so when I decided it was time to learn how to get back into the wake I figured it wouldn't be so hard. I had one solid fail and one almost victory and I wanted to give it another go. 

This was going to be it, I was sure of it. 

I popped up, messed around for a bit headed out of the wake and prepared myself for what would most definitely be a success. Unfortunately it wasn't a success. In fact it was an epic fail.

On my way back into the wake my board "caught an edge" (At least that's what George told me and when I say it I sound like I know what I'm talking about) and essentially stopped me in my tracks. My feet pulled out of the boots and I was like superman flying through the air, except I fell. Hard. So hard in fact that I managed to chip my tooth. And by chip I mean I broke my right front tooth in half. 

When I lifted my head from the water the first thing I checked for was blood and in that process I felt something in my mouth so I spit it into my hands. I spit an entire chunk of tooth. I was horrified. 

Longer story and little shorter I went without an entire right front tooth for two days. I was so embarrassed. Add to that a body so sore that on Tuesday all I could do was lay on the couch to try and avoid the pain that seemed to radiate through my entire body.

Not quite the ideal summer day I was dreaming of when I woke up that fateful morning. 

I will say it could have been much much worse, and for that I am thankful. I am also so thankful for the amazing friends (especially Jorri on Monday) and my awesome fiancĂ© who helped to take care of me when I was feeling pretty darn sorry for myself. I know have a real (fake) tooth that looks awesome!! Shout out to Dr. Wiley, my awesome dentist who was so nice its ridiculous and did a most incredible job making my tooth look perfect!!!!

And if you read all of that I will reward you with a photo......

And if you'd like a funny video watch it here

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