Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Day 1,2 & 3

*YIKES!! Just realized I forgot to publish this post....I wrote this last week on the 5th haha*

So I officially started the photo challenge yesterday. And I am totally reeled in!

The first task was all about reading the camera's manual....the thought of it felt like pulling teeth really. So after hunting the dreaded thing down, I grabbed the camera a notebook and a pen and set out for the task at hand. Let me tell you what.....she wasn't lying when she said there are treasures to unlock in that booklet.

I took THREE pages of notes!! On a cameral user manual!!! HAHA.

I always remember things much more clearly after writing them down so I jotted some notes, highlighted some of it, and underlined more. Every time I read about something I picked up my camera and tweaked with said setting. I was taking pictures of my coffee cup, my husband playing his video games. None of them really good BUT I could see the difference from picture to picture. I would giggle and get really excited with every nugget of info I learned and would excitedly pull Brett away from his game so he could see what I did. One thing that I learned (remember I'm new to this whole thing) is how to manually focus our lens. Neither of us knew we could do that and just that made a HUGE difference in the pictures I was taking. After an hour or so I was to the point where it was telling me how to upload photos onto my computer and I figured from there I could handle.....so I moved right on along to the next day which teaches about shutter speed. You can find it here.

I had picked up a few tips on shutter speed when I was reading the manual so this was a great follow up!  Her analogy to filling a cup with water was a great visual for me. So after reading the post I took the camera to the back yard where the dogs were hanging out and started snapping. Again I wasn't going for great shots just learning about controlling the shutter speed.

 Yikes! WAY WAY WAY over exposed :)
 Still a little too slow 
 Could totally use more light but I love her big smile in this one
 Happy Dodger!!
 This picture and the following clearly all the same seconds apart playing with the speed :)

So I forgot to mark the shutter speeds that I was using...oops

Until next time.

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