Thursday, January 14, 2010

Oh Praise the One Who Paid My Debt

The Lord has layed a heavy burden on my chest. One that I am called to raise up in arms with Him, so that He can be glorified.
I have a story to share. One that my heart breaks for and one that I have yet to be honest in. I am totally depraved and I know the only way for God to continue His mending in my life is to share my story. I want my life to glorify God. Yet I have done a terrible job truly seeking that purpose. But I am forever changed by His unending love. My mistakes and hurts are nothing to be ashamed of now that I walk in His light.
My prayer is for courage. That I seek His face in times that my worldly heart cries to run. That I fall on my knees humbled by His majesty. I am but a broken vessel. Yet He loves me.
Please pray for me.


  1. Hi Ari! You won a book yesterday at my blog. Please contact me with your mailing address and permission to send it to you.

    Much love sister...praying that God will give you words and the faith to soar.